Body Electric is a playful video mirror that uses machine learning to turn guests into a storm of particles.

It’s a browser based experience that uses BodyPix, a machine learning model developed within Google Research, to track multiple people in real time, and tensorflow.js, a library developed by Google Brain.

As guests approach the exhibit, particles form the shapes of their bodies. A playful figure in the corner of the screen prompts them to try different poses and dance moves, some of which cause particles to shoot from their hands.

When no one is around, particles create dynamic visuals based on event or client branding.

Body Electric was created for Google Experience Centers, a network of spaces around the world where Google hosts its top clients. The aesthetics of the experience are designed to be customized so it feels special in each space. Color palettes, sprite shapes, particle physics, and branding can be dynamically updated per install.


Concept, Creative Direction: Catherine McCurry
Design: Catherine McCurry, Tomomi Sohn
Software: Catherine McCurry, Harold Cooper, XS Dev Shop