The Slam Cam is an interactive installation created with a team at Wieden + Kennedy NY. After renovations in the office, we had a great new gym, and a lot of people eager to use it. So we got a basketball hoop and got to work.

I fabricated a box containing a raspberry pi, a compact speaker, a big button, and two network connections. When someone presses the big button, a Gopro mounted on the backboard of the basketball hoop is triggered wirelessly to record 7 seconds of video. Music plays while the video is recording. People do their best slam dunk, or 12 until they get it just right. After the video is recorded, it is uploaded to a website where it is immediately available for viewing, upvoting, and sharing.

Every week, the best dunks are pulled out and uploaded to a vine account with epic sports commentary sound effects on top and shared with the agency.