With a team from WK, I created a unique permanent installation for Warren 77, a bar and restaurant in Tribeca co-owned by Matt Abramcyk (Beatrice Inn, Smith & Mills) and Sean Avery (former New York Ranger). The design of the bar pays tribute to the legendary players and teams of New York.

The installation is an old CRT television nestled above the bar between several large LCD displays. It shows the game. When the game cuts to commercials, however, it cuts to classic ads starring New York Sports legends.

We created a hardware setup that allowed us to process the digital cable feed in a computer, then send the processed video to the analog television.

I wrote software in C++ that analyzes the contents of video and audio from the incoming digital cable. It detects the black frames and simultaneous silences that indicate cuts between programming and commercials.

We also fabricated a controller that allows bartenders to play an old Ad whenever they want.


Concept: Noah Phillips, Matt Evens
Design and Execution: Jamie Carreiro, Catherine McCurry
Involvement: software development, hardware fabrication, installation